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Starr Global Emergency Assistance Services

Starr Global Emergency Assistance Services is supported by Assist Card which is one of the subsidiaries of Starr Companies.

Assist Card was stablished in Switzerland in 1972 which is one of the world's foremost emergency assistance service companies in the world dedicated to give assistance to travelers for more than 42 years. Its business expanded rapidly all over Latin America, Central America and Asia.

In 2011, Starr Companies acquired Assist Card to expand the offerings of Travel and Emergency Assistance Services. Assist Card's worldwide network stands out for its 14 regional alarm centers, providing assistance in 197 countries and 17,000 cities, across the 5 continents, with global reach and local touch. It has more than 400 thousand service providers around the world, with the capacity to escort travelers all over their trip, providing medical assistance, legal assistance, luggage localization, flight reservations, or even giving travel suggestions, among other services. ASSIST CARD escorts travelers before, during and after their trip. ANYTIME, ANYWHERE, ANY REASON.